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Inspiration for my film final. Now to find dancers… 

Just kickin it with dre at the @beatsbydre holiday party #casual s/o @peteryoooooon

Profile Picture Project

Still working on the minor details but my internet studio project is live! Check it out!

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LA Times from the 70s imprinted on the pavement
It’s Official!! #TFA #LAcorps #majorbiggirlmoves

Internet Studio: Appropriation discussion


We continued an ongoing discussion about copying, using, re-using, re-contextualizing, stealing, borrowing and other forms of passing images along in the digital realm. Daniele, showed us this video, The Stolen Scream, about a man whose face, rather an image of his face, was reproduced and…

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Everything is a Remix Part 2 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.



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